About Me!

Hi there! My name is Chandra Crow! Have you ever started out the year believing that you are going to start a New Years Resolution, then you fail within a couple of months and go back to your old habits?

This was me every year! From the day I hit puberty, I could no longer eat everything I wanted. New Year’s resolutions were my thing, and I would stick to them with every ounce of determination I had, and every year I seemed to gain more weight. I bought multiple weight loss programs over the years and I set goals and cheat days just like all these different programs taught. I stopped eating sugar and drinking soda and still I gained weight. I began to get really frustrated!!

I will let you in on a little secret! I am Vegetarian with Hypoglycemia! Being raised a vegetarian, with a Mother who also had Hypoglycemia makes dieting, losing weight or maintaining weight an almost impossible task.

Recently, I found three programs, used as one, that work! This is no joke! Due to health reasons, my doctor told me to take more vitamins because my health was deteriorating. At 25 my health was deteriorating! I couldn’t believe it! My D3, B12, and B6 levels were dangerously low and I was struggling to get out of bed every day.

I became incredibly determined to correct my health and researching began to feel like a hobby. This is when I found Thrive, VShred and a Low Carb Option Diet. By combining these three programs I have improved my overall health and I have lost over 17lbs in four week. I have now become passionate about helping others in their journey to Healthy Living. Ultimately, I want to help people move from simply living to THRIVING.