Slow Cooker – Black Bean Burritos

This week I started looking up different vegan recipes that would allow me to create a delicious and wholesome meal for my grandparents. I knew that with my work schedule and my personal meal planning, it would be hard to fit meal planning for someone else into my schedule. I figured that slow cooker recipes would be the best way to go so that my grandparents would have something that would potentially last the whole week. See below for a quick and easy recipe for your on the fly schedule:

Black Bean Burritos:

28 Oz. Canned Tomatoes (Do Not Strain)

1/2 Cup Salsa ( I used Pace (original) Mild as they do not have any sugar in their recipe)

3 TBS. Taco Seasoning (Try this homemade Taco Seasoning)

1 tsp. Cumin

2 tsp. Salt

28 oz. Black Beans (Do Not Strain)

2 Red Bell Peppers, Chopped

2 Cups Brown Rice (Dry, try the bulk section)

1 Can Whole Kernel Corn (Drained)

2 Cups Vegetable Broth

10 Whole Wheat Tortillas (I used Corn Tortillas)

Combine all ingredients , stirring occasionally, let cook in your slow cooker for 3 hours or until liquid is no longer visible.

Enjoy with some sour cream, tomatoes and your choice of cheese.



We are all continually evolving in our lives! For me, this means, as I continually try to improve my health, both mentally and physically, I am always looking at what stresses me and creating ways to improve in a way that allows me to discard that stress from my life. This year I chose to find ways to improve my mental health by attacking those cluttered areas in my home and organize them. I plan to choose one location in my home each week and organize that location so that the mental stress I have about it being messy can be thrown out of my mind. The theory here is that, as I correct the messy areas that bother me, I will decrease my stress and will be happier overall.

This week I chose those pesky bathroom drawers that always seem to have hair, crumbs, vitamins, little bottles, hair ties, nail clippers and much more just thrown in them and causing difficulty finding what you actually need. Once I got over the mental block of just not wanting to complete the task, I went to the Dollar Store and purchased some really cute small plastic mesh baskets. I used these baskets to corral those pesky little items like the nail polish, nail clippers, hair ties and pill bottles and took care of all garbage that had collected. Once it was completed, I realized how relieved I was and how easy it was to find the items I needed. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I realized exactly how mentally refreshing it was to know that not only the visible part of my bathroom was clean but also the not so visible. I challenge each of you to try the same thing with those areas of your home that bother you. You may find that the more of those little tasks you complete the more mentally refreshed you will feel.

Drink Cheat Sheet

When I go out to eat I like to order a drink, other than water, but in most cases water is the go to because all drinks have some sort of sugar, which means carbs. On the KETO diet it is very important to keep your carbs low. Most of the time I still just drink water but when I am out with a group of my friends it’s nice to have a drink other than water.

Vodka’s (Zero Carbs):

  • Bernett’s
  • Smirnoff
  • Absolute
  • Svedka
  • Grey Goose
  • Stolichnaya
  • Ciroc
  • Skyy

Whiskey (Zero Carbs)

  • Crown Royal
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • Jim Beam
  • Seagram’s
  • Dewar’s
  • Wild Turkey
  • Chivas Regal
  • Johnnie Walker

Tequila (Zero Carbs)

  • Don Julio
  • Tres Agaves
  • El Jimador
  • Patron
  • 1800 Tequila
  • Milagro
  • Cazadores
  • Sauza

Rum (Zero Carbs)

  • Malibu Island Spiced
  • Captain Morgan Spiced (0.4 Carbs)
  • Bacardi Superior
  • Myer’s Original Dark
  • Castillo
  • Sailor Jerry
  • The Kracken

Gin (Zero Carbs)

  • Gordon’s
  • Seagram’s
  • Bombay
  • Beefeater
  • Tanqueray

Brandy (Low Carbs)

  • Honey Bee (0)
  • Courvoisier (0)
  • McDowell’s (0.1)
  • Martell (0.4)
  • Hennessy (1)
  • Remy Martin (3)

Red Wines (Low Carb)

  • Pinot Nior (3.4)
  • Merlot (3.7)
  • Cabernet (3.8)
  • Syrah (3.8)
  • Zinfandel (4.2)

White Wines (Low Carb)

  • Sparkling White Wine (1.5)
  • Brut Cava (2.5)
  • Brut Champagne (2.8)
  • Pinot Blanc (2.85)
  • Pinot Grigio (3)
  • Chardonnay (3.1)
  • Albarino (3.5)
  • Riesling (5.5)

Beer (Low Carb)

  • Greens Trailblazer (0.5)
  • Budweiser Select 55 (1.9)
  • Miller 64 (2.4)
  • Rolling Rock Green Light (2.4)
  • Michelob Ultra (2.6)
  • Budweiser Select (3.1)
  • Beck’s Premier Light (3.2)
  • Miller Light (3.2)

See the KETO Freaks page for my go to cheat sheet and those drinks you should avoid.


Grasshopper Pie!

It’s that time of year for working along side your family to create the perfect Christmas dinner. This year I decided to branch out and try something I had never made before. I am usually responsible for desserts, so I made this Grasshopper Pie. It turned out amazing! Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!

KETO Green Chile Chicken

My favorite dish this week is the KETO Green Chile Chicken. For my husbands dish we followed the recipe as directed, although we found that at least a triple batch of the cream cheese mix was required to cover about 3 lbs of chicken. For the vegetarian of the family, me, we adjusted the recipe by adding a chopped Worthington Chicklet Roll mixed with chopped cauliflower into the casserole dish before adding the cream cheese mix and Monterrey Jack Cheese on top. Both turned out amazing! I would highly recommend this recipe. Enjoy!!!

Holiday Giveaway!

Today we are having a trivia give away! The first four individuals to answer the following questions correctly will receive a coffee gift card to either Dutch Bros or Starbucks, your choice. In addition, you will receive one free sample of my healthy coffee, which is discussed in the blog post mentioned in question 3. Each coffee gift card will be $5 and I will ship all items at no cost to you. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

All answers to the questions below can be answered by going to My Blog!!

  1. What are four of the health benefits you may achieve from the Thrive Three Step Process?
  2. What recipe was shared on November 5, 2018?
  3. In the “Ask yourself “what’s in your coffee”” blog post, what three benefits are specifically discussed in the featured photo?
  4. What was discussed in the blog post on June 18, 2018?
  5. How many lbs. had I lost by June 16, 2018?

Have fun everyone!

Creamy Parmesan Ranch Dressing!!

I found the perfect ranch dressing recipe! Some of the ingredients are not KETO so I adjusted it some to make it KETO and it turned out perfect. Making your own dressings at home will help you avoid consuming any fake filler ingredients that are bad for your health. No matter if you choose the KETO recipe or not, both recipes are free from the fake filler ingredients that store bought items have. Here is the original recipe link for those who are not KETO: Creamy Parmesan Ranch Dressing!

Here is the KETO version of the recipe:

1/3 Cup: Heavy Cream

2 tbsp: Dried Parsley (I was out and used fresh Parsley, turned out great)

1 & 1/2 tsp: Fresh Dill (you can use dried but in my experience fresh delivers a better taste)

2 tsp: Garlic Powder

2 tsp: Onion Powder

2 tsp: Dried Onion Flakes

1 tsp: Ground Black Pepper

1 tsp: Dried Chives

1 tsp: Sea Salt

1/4 tsp: Thyme

1/2 Cup:  Avocado Mayonnaise

1/2 Cup: Sour Cream

1/2 Cup: Parmesan Cheese

1/3 Cup: Half & Half

Combine all ingredients and refrigerate until ready to serve! I like to refrigerate this mixture overnight to allow all the flavors to blend together.




Be a Healthier You!

As soon as you see this post, I know what you will be thinking. “Another individual selling something that doesn’t work, great!!”. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. The THRIVE Three Step system is a premium nutrition program that helps reset your system and improve your health. I didn’t want to get involved in this program because I didn’t want to start something I knew wouldn’t work; except, I didn’t actually KNOW that it wouldn’t work. Out of complete exhausted desperation for energy I decided to try it one day. What could it hurt, it was an eight week program. If it didn’t work than I could quit it in eight weeks, no harm, no foul. Within three days of starting the program, I had full energy plus more to spare. First thing in the morning the pills and shake are taken on an empty stomach and then the DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) is placed on your skin.


Below is a breakdown of the benefits in each of the three steps. If you are interested I will have a promotion in December for a free sample of the eight week program. I will gladly send these samples to you so that you may try out this amazing program. Please contact me and I will gladly get your info and send you a sample once I have them available. I will only have enough samples for 10 male formula samples and 10 female formula samples.


When taken as part of the THRIVE 8-Week Experience – in conjunction with the THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules and the THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix – DFT promotes clean and healthy weight management and an overall healthy lifestyle. Individuals following this plan will experience ultra premium results, with benefits such as improved health, wellness, and fitness, as well as, weight management and nutritional support.


THRIVE W/M (capsules) is a premium formula and a premium approach to your daily lifestyle. The result of scientific research and years spent perfecting the formula, THRIVE W/M is the only premium lifestyle capsule of its kind. THRIVE W/M is about reaching for more and achieving more, each and every day. Formulated for every man and women who’s thriving for the ultimate daily lifestyle, our premium grade naturopathic formula of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids is the first and only Ultra Premium Formula ever developed. Live more, be more, experience more, THRIVE for more with THRIVE W/M.


THRIVE Mix is the finishing touch to the only Ultra Premium Product Line available – THRIVE. This ultra micronized mix was perfectly designed to complement our THRIVE Lifestyle Capsules and DFT. Our blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids is the first and only Ultra Premium Mix ever developed. THRIVE Mix, combined daily with the THRIVE Capsules and DFT, completes a premium lifestyle and creates a premium you. The saying “not all shakes are created equal” is proven true by our ultra micronized Premium Lifestyle Mix, which is in a category all by itself. Live more, be more, experience more, THRIVE for more with THRIVE Mix.


For more information please follow the link provided here:

Combat The After Dinner Bloating!

Bloating is when you belly feel swollen or too full after you have eaten a big meal. On Thanksgiving it is easy to over indulge on an extra piece of pie or your mom’s signature holiday dish. My favorite dish is my mom’s Green Bean Casserole. Although, this year my mom made a veggie chicken Tater Tot Casserole that turned out amazing. It came in a close second to the Green Bean Casserole this year. With so many delicious dishes it was easy for me to eat too much. I decided to share with you a few ways that you can combat the after dinner full belly. I chose to take a walk and it was a great help.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is set aside as a reminder to each of us to recall the many reasons there are to be grateful whether it be the family that we have around us or the many good things that may have happened to you throughout the year. Thanksgiving is more than the gathering of friends and family it gives us time to ponder on the lessons we learned, the great memories we made, and the family and friends who came into our lives. May the good things in life be yours in abundance this Thanksgiving and for the years to come.

If you are looking for an amazing dessert recipe try this pumpkin pie recipe. It is amazing!

Pumpkin Pie Recipe: Made with Honey